Taking women's cycles into account makes all the difference

• It lowers absenteeism due to illness
• It increases productivity
• It lowers the turnover of female staff
• It lowers the stress in the workplace
• It improves communication

How the daily lives of many women are affected during menstruation and menopause

Imagine starting your day at work, not feeling quite like yourself. Your energy is low, focusing is a challenge, and deep down, you wish you could just head back home. This is the reality for many women during their menstrual cycle. It's a soft whisper from our bodies, often ignored, yet calling for understanding and acknowledgment in our professional environments.

Now, you might wonder, "Why is this important to discuss in our organization?" Ignoring the menstrual cycle doesn't just affect the individual; it impacts the entire company. We're talking about increased absenteeism, reduced productivity, and heightened stress levels in the workplace. It's essential to bring this into our conversations, not as a taboo but as a vital aspect of our collective well-being.

But here's the good news. By acknowledging and accommodating women's cycles, we can avoid these issues. Imagine a workplace with less sickness absence, higher productivity, and a more positive atmosphere. You're probably asking, "How can we achieve this?" It begins with three simple steps towards understanding and support, fostering an environment where everyone feels seen and valued.

Step one

First we investigate the impact of the menstrual cycle within the organization.

By sharing experiences (anonymously of course) and needs concerning the menstrual cycle, we pave the way for a more inclusive workplace. This isn't just about comfort; it's about acknowledging that to perform at your best, you need an environment that supports every aspect of your well-being. Together, we can foster a culture that no longer views menstruation as a problem but as a normal part of life that we can manage with grace and support.

Step two

We then provide essential education to your employees and management.

Knowledge is power, and in this case also understanding and empathy.

Step three

Finally, you can consider having Basic Care Providers for Women trained as the first point of contact within the company. This is how you ensure that everyone feels heard and supported.
Invloed menstruatie en overgang

This isn't just about women. Men play a crucial role in this process. By understanding more about the phases of the cycle, they can provide support where necessary.

Imagine walking a mile in someone else's shoes, feeling what they feel, understanding their discomfort on a level words could never fully capture. That's the essence of the Men-struation challenge we've developed. It's not just about empathy; it's about connection, about truly grasping what many women experience monthly.

Through this unique challenge, we've seen barriers break down and conversations open up. It's a moment of vulnerability, yes, but also one of immense learning. When men undergo the simulated experience of menstrual cramps, something shifts. There's an immediate, unspoken understanding that forms—a realization that sometimes, you don't truly know until you feel.

And so, to your female staff, HR workers, and management, I extend an invitation. Share this challenge with the men in your life, within your professional circles. Let's use this as a tool not just for empathy, but for building stronger, more understanding teams. Because when we all understand each other a little better, we create a workplace that truly feels like a community.

What is it like to present during cramps

Our goal is not only to create support for change, but also to jointly devise solutions to meet the most important needs of women around their cycle.

Workshops withimpact

What do we get in return?

Imagine walking into a workspace where every person, regardless of gender, truly understands and supports each other. Where women are less often tired, hardly experience menstrual discomfort, and everyone, including men, thrives in effectiveness, productivity, and creativity. This isn't a far-off dream but a reality we can achieve together.

Acknowledging our differences is not about creating divisions but about embracing diversity in its true form. Men and women may function differently at times, and that's perfectly fine. By supporting each other and being mindful of our unique needs, we foster a stronger, more cohesive team. This understanding paves the way for men to offer better support and for women to excel without hindrance.

So, let's embark on this journey together. By raising awareness and fostering an inclusive environment within your organization, we're not just working towards a healthier, more pleasant workplace but a more productive one for all. It's a win-win situation that benefits everyone involved. Together, we can create a space where everyone feels valued and supported.

Introduction need-to-know workshop

Imagine, sitting in a room, surrounded by colleagues, HR staff, and management, all gathered with a shared objective: to explore a topic that touches everyone, yet often remains under-discussed. We are here to delve into the impact of menstruation on individuals and society. This is a subject that is both natural and vital, yet frequently kept in the shadows. Today, we embark on a journey to bring it into the light, fostering an environment where learning and understanding flourish.

Discover crucial insights about the menstrual cycle. Learn about norms, deviations, and wellness strategies.

Over the next two hours, we will share crucial information about the menstrual cycle. What's considered normal? What deviates from the norm? And when should we raise our concerns? Our exploration goes beyond the basics. We will discuss the common causes of menstrual discomfort and offer strategies for women to enhance their well-being. This essential knowledge is presented in an accessible manner, ensuring everyone feels involved and informed.

But let's not forget about our men. We aim to provide insights on how they can offer support to the women around them, both in the workplace and beyond. Additionally, we offer them a unique opportunity to experience what it's like to cope with menstrual cramps. This session is more than just a workshop; it's an experience that will bring us closer, foster understanding, and break down taboos.

Company made-to-measure workshop 

Today we talk about a topic that often goes unspoken in our workplaces: the impact of the menstrual cycle and menopause on our professional lives. It's about creating a space where everyone feels supported and understood. Before we dive deeper into our discussions, we want to share something important with you. We've introduced a anonymous QuickScan, a tool based on extensive research, designed to understand how these experiences affect our female staff. It only takes five minutes to complete but can make a lasting positive impact on your work environment.

Let's break taboos surrounding menstruation and menopause. Enhance understanding via a short quiz.

We also want to acknowledge your male colleagues. We haven't forgotten about them. There's a short quiz designed to enhance there understanding of these topics. It's both enlightening, fun and informative, aiming to break the taboos surrounding menstruation. By increasing our collective knowledge, we can foster a more inclusive and supportive workplace. It's about working together to shatter the myths and misunderstandings that exist.

During the workshop, we'll collaborate to develop practical ideas on how to be more mindful of the menstrual cycle and menopause at work. We'll share tips on increasing comfort and reducing absenteeism, and we'll address stress management, an issue that affects us all. At the end of this journey, the management will receive a comprehensive report with our findings and recommendations. This is your chance for real change within your company. Let's seize this opportunity to work together towards a more supportive workplace for everyone.

Training of the Basic Caregiver for Women

Imagine walking into work, knowing that as a woman, you're not just seen as a cog in the machine, but as a whole person, with unique experiences and needs. Here, we not only focus on targets and projects but also understand and respect the natural cycles of life. It's essential, as 80% of us believe, to feel understood and supported in our workplace.

Now, you might wonder how we can make this vision a reality in your organization. The answer is closer than you think. By introducing a Basic Support Program for Women, trained individuals within your company can offer an ear, support, and guidance specifically for women at the times they need it most. This isn't just about having someone to talk to; it's about creating a network of support that understands the unique challenges we face.

Imagine the impact of such an initiative. It's not just about feeling heard and seen; it's about the tangible difference it can make in our daily lives at work. Recognizing signs, having supportive conversations, and knowing there's someone to turn to can transform our work environment into a place where we all feel truly supported. Let's take this step together, towards a more inclusive and understanding workplace.

From a doctor's point of view

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Together we discuss the QuickScan content and the further course of the procedure.

Send the QuickScan to the female staff

The QuickScan is sent to the staff from your own database. This way, the personal data of the staff remains safe. The link to the QuickScan can only be used once. This way we keep the results of the research reliable.

Answers to the questions

The answers given by staff members are 100% anonymous. We never ask for personal information in the QuickScan. IP addresses are not stored in our database

Close the QuickScan

After the agreed period we close the QuickScan


After closing the scan, we analyze the data and create a tailor-made report

Discuss report

When the report is ready, we will come by to discuss the content and results with each other


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